Find out the answers to some of CGA Ontario’s
most Frequently Asked Questions here.

Why should I choose the CGA designation?

If you’re looking to hold a position beyond junior level in accounting or financial management, you need an accounting designation.

The CGA designation offers a program of studies that builds on the accounting knowledge you learned in your post-secondary program. You’ll learn to look beyond the numbers to make sound, forward-looking business decisions. By focusing on more than numbers, CGAs develop a broader and more diverse skill set.

You’ll also have the opportunity to complete electives that support your career interests, so you’ll get the training you need to become a CGA in a field of your choice. That way you’ll start building your resume from day one, instead of dedicating 30 months to an area you’re not interested in. Which begs the question, why settle for less, when you can DO MORE?

What industries do CGAs work in?

The CGA designation gives you the freedom to DO MORE. That’s why CGAs hold high-level jobs in a wide variety of different sectors, including: government, public practice, private, non-profit and education, to name a few.

What kind of management positions do CGAs have?

Ranging from CFO, to executive director, to controller, the career opportunities for a CGA are endless.

Can I work internationally?

Absolutely. The CGA designation is internationally recognized, so you can take your designation to over 80 different countries.

Are there advancement opportunities?

More than we can list. Plus, students will advance long before completing the designation so they can start seeing the benefits right away.

I want to make lots of money. Can I as a CGA?

Definitely. The sky really is the limit when you choose to DO MORE.

Does my university degree have to be
in accounting or business to be eligible?

No, your university degree can be in any field.

I’m an international student; can I still enrol with CGA Ontario?

To enrol in the CGA program of professional studies you must:

  • Be a resident of Ontario
  • Be bondable (You have not been found guilty of a criminal offence)
How many courses are there?

There are 19 courses in total, but with transfer credits you might not need to take them all.

How long does it take to get?

The CGA program of professional studies can be completed in as little as two years. That being said, the length of time you’ll have to complete the program is based on the number of transfer credits accepted, and will be determined during your first year of studies.

Do CGAs have a specialty?

The program lets you define your career path by choosing an area of concentration. This means that in addition to studying the full spectrum of accounting and finance areas, you’ll develop expertise in a field of your choice like government, not-for-profit, or public accounting.